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Hirundo Classic Method



The name of this wine originates from the word "swallow" (in Latin language Hirundo) as to celebrate these elegant birds which accompany us from spring to summer with their circles in the sky and their tweets, then fly to the south during the harvest period to return the following spring, when the wines reach their maturity. All Selva Capuzza sparkling wines are dedicated to Hirundo (the swallow) and are known as the “sky” wines.

The Hirundo Brut Metodo Classico is one of their historical products as the first production dates back to 1908. This Lugana is produced from white grapes of Turbiana harvested manually with a careful selection of the bunches. The fermentation of the must takes place in steel vats and, although the structure of this wine may suggest a passage in wood, in fact there is no wood involved in its maturation. Follows a natural fermentation in the bottle for 15 to 30 months. It is a sparkling wine of great character, which can be left to further mature in the bottle for a few years so to deepen its very interesting predisposition to evolution. This wine is the demonstration of how interesting the Turbiana grape is when brought to evolve in the bottle, even if this is only possible under the condition of having an excellent raw material and rigorous cellar processing.

This wine has a pale straw yellow color with a nice and fine perlage. On the nose light aromatic notes with hint of flowers and pear. On the palate it is full-bodied, warm, round, dry, fresh, lively and slightly savory, balanced and persistent.

It is an excellent choice as an aperitif, as well as the right companion for fish-based meals.

Hirundo Metodo Classico has often been considered the best Lugana Metodo Classico by the greatest experts of this wine.

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